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T E R M O W E N T ul. Torunska 12a 26-600 Radom, Poland, e-mail: marketing@termowent.com.pl

tel: + 48 48 360 96 21 fax: + 48 48 360 96 18


"Termowent" is a leading Polish heating - ventilating apparatuses and JAD-type counter-flaw tabulor heat exchangers producer, with many years experience in designing, production and sevices. Our company was established in 1954 as a state-owned Industrial Instalation Company "Termowent" with headquarters in Warsaw. In 1968 according to Minister's of Building and Building Materials Industry decision, the company had been transferred to Radom. In May 2000, after the process of privatisation, it has been transformed into a private company named "TERMOWENT POLAND" Ltd. with Wolfram Ltd. from Krakow as its main investor. In 2004 we obtained Certificate of Quality System DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 from TÜV NORD CERT GmbH & Co. KG, Report No 8000 315 301 and since then we denoted our products with CE sign. From the very beginning the company has been staffed by highly qualified personnel, there fore we can offer not only the highest quality products, but also fast and accurate service, easily comparable with similar products of some other domestic and foreign companies

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Phone number:+ 48 48 360 96 21, fax:+ 48 48 360 96 18 or email:marketing@termowent.com.pl

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